About Design Memorabilia

DESIGN MEMORABILIA is an international collection of beautifully designed objects for daily use, as imagined by some of the world's foremost design talents.

DESIGN MEMORABILIA is the brainchild of George M. Beylerian, retailer, curator, author and founder of some of the most forward-thinking design companies of the 20th century.

Presenting new, original designs, DESIGN MEMORABILIA honors the work of individuals with whom Beylerian has shared creative conversations, experiences and project collaborations during his five decades as a generative force in the design industry. In a very real sense, DESIGN MEMORABILIA represents the culmination of that experience, as it pays homage to innovative individuals whom Beylerian has long admired and valued, and whose designs delight all of us, even as they enhance how we live.

In its fresh energy and adventurous attitude, DESIGN MEMORABILIA evokes the design renaissance of the post-World War II era, when creativity and prosperity combined to fuel exciting achievements both large and small in art, architecture and product design. Now, in the 21st century, DESIGN MEMORABILIA takes that era as its touchstone in its goal to make great design more accessible to more people than it has ever been.

Each distinct DESIGN MEMORABILIA collection focuses on a particular country to embody an era, place, or movement of enduring value.

With most of the objects in the collection priced at under $100 and accessible via the Internet, as well as through museum and design retail shops, DESIGN MEMORABILIA will bring the best in sophisticated contemporary design to a wide, global audience.